Why Us

  • We ship with world renown companies FEDEX and UPS.
  • You save up to 60% due to our high volume of shipping.
  • Each export shipment carries $300.00 of insurance free of charge.
  • True online tracking, all the way to the final destination.
  • Easy online shipping. Pay online Print shipping labels online, Schedule Courier Pickup online


Why Use Our Services?

Our company offers the perfect opportunity for online shoppers who live outside USA, but would like to shop from the USA either through online stores or auctions like EBAY. You can ship your packages to our address in the USA and once we receive them, we can ship them to you by using our competitive shipping rates.

Following are our main advantages

    No registration or monthly fees.
    You can have a USA address in 5 minutes simply by registering above.
    We only ship with world renowned companies like FEDEX and UPS so that your packages will be delivered in a timely manner.
    You will save up to 60% in your shipping costs. Due to our high volume of shipping we can negotiate deep discounts from our carriers which we pass on to you. Please click on the link below to see our rates.
    We consolidate your packages free of charge.
    Shipping 4 or 5 packages is always cheaper per package than shipping only one package.
    Free storage of your package for 30 days.

Our Shiping Rates to Germany

Weight (Lbs)
3 - 6 Days

3 - 5 Days

2 - 3 Days

3 - 5 Days

2 - 3 Days
1 $23.78 $28.53 $32.18 $34.60 $38.86
5 $24.73 $48.78 $53.98 $44.04 $47.56
10 $30.35 $57.96 $63.99 $52.00 $56.46
15 $39.58 $75.60 $90.13 $66.26 $78.94
25 $51.03 $93.92 $97.69 $82.16 $87.26
50 $88.94 $163.71 $213.91 $144.40 $185.72

These rates do not include Fuel Surcharge and package oversize fees.

For More Information, Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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